Cost of ownership
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Operating cost optimization


Optimization of all expected costs related to operation and maintenance of the performance of a building is a key element for the building's owners and occupants. 


Did you know?


Share of operations and maintenance in total building costs over 30 years


What are the main operating costs? 

  • Energy (heating & cooling)

  • Cleaning

  • Maintaining and repair of building parts

How to optimize operating costs? 

  • Limit the impact of external negative incidents (fire, flooding, storms, ...) by increasing protection, reducing risk, early detection of events

  • Design buildings easy to repair

  • Use renovation or renewal of building parts to extend the lifetime expectancy and improve the usable floor space

What are the main benefits for the building? 

  • Minimize costs during operation: benefits for owner and occupants

  • Maximum value for money for usage of the building

  • Less discontinuity of the building use (during maintenance/ repair / renovation)

How do we act?

  • Easy to maintain solution: self-cleaning windows Bioclean, ...

  • Leakage detection systems: Guard system

  • Safety and protection: U-protect, Vetrotech, Waterproofing, Vario range (protection against humidity and moisture), Miralite

  • Long durability solutions: Habito, Glassroc fire, Certawrap (weather resistance barrier)

  • Energy savings: insulation materials, Vario (air tightness), Eclaz, Miralite, ...

  • Acoustic insulation in partition (PAR PHONIC), impact sound insulation for floors (SONEFLOOR), Ecophon