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Okarno provides a unique service to its customers. We combine market-leading trade brands and deliver them directly through three service offerings.

We also support our customers with various online and offline tools to help you sell the products. Our service allows you to choose from single pallets, or mixed pallet loads, through to small parcels, to help you order what you need when you need it. You can find out more about our delivery options below.

Vehicle options


  • With our fleet of over 50 FORS3-accredited vehicles, we have significantly improved the reliability, flexibility and safety of our deliveries on the road and to your site. Furthermore, we have continued to be a front-runner in sustainable best practices by increasing our use of HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) rather than diesel across our vehicles. We have a few different types of vehicle that we can use to deliver your order which are highlighted below.
  • Self-offloading: If you cannot self-offload, we can use a vehicle type where our driver can assist off-loading with pallet pump truck via a rear tail-lift
  • Access restrictions: If there are space and/or access restrictions getting to and on your site, we can send smaller vehicles to complete your delivery. Please let us know in advance of any orders. When placing an order and providing delivery instructions, please note the following information will be required:
  1. Times and days that deliveries can be received
  2. If you require a delivery to be pre-booked
  3. Any special requests (e.g. if you need a smaller vehicle due to a low bridge nearby)

POS and merchandising

We have a range of POS available from shelf strips and shelf wobblers to shelf trays. Our sales team are on hand to help you merchandise our product on the shelf. Please get in touch with your account manager to request POS and assistance or email the team.

Marketing support

All of our contact details and product information are also available on our website, including the data sheets for our products. Our Repair Hub and News page contain articles on a range of topics from Okarno company news and product knowledge to market insight. You can also see a collection of insights from across the business and building materials industry, brought to you by Okarno Ltd, a Saint-Gobain company in the Xetra newsletter bi-annualy. 

Share these with your colleagues to gain a better understanding of our products and to keep up to date with the latest industry trends, and with your customers to help them learn about our products.

Product training

We have several resources available to educate your staff and customers on the key uses and main benefits of our products. Our range of product videos is available on our YouTube channel which can also be requested as a hard copy from your account manager. We can also provide printed or digital flyers for your staff and customers to help them learn more about our product range. 

Express parcel delivery

Gyproc Express Parcel Delivery

Gyproc Express is a 48-hour delivery service from Artex giving you quick and

product range

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Artex offers a wide range of building, repair and decorative products from ma