Cost of ownership
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Efficiency at end of life of the building

Weber.therm circle

Demolition and deconstruction works must be optimized to ensure the building is performant until the end of its lifetime. 


Did you know?


million tons of construction & demolition waste are generated each year in Europe


What are the main costs at end-of-life? 

  • Construction and demolition works

  • Costs for protective measures when demolishing hazardous waste

  • Costs for landfill and other disposal costs, including logistics

  • Eventual income from re-selling deconstructed materials or waste

How to optimize operating costs? 

  • Favor easiness of deconstruction or dismantling

  • Enable re-use of selling of building parts or materials

What are the main benefits for the building? 

  • Minimized labor costs for deconstruction

  • Minimized landfill and other disposal costs (maximizing recyclable content)

  • Opportunity to reduce costs or get income from re-use/sell materials

How do we act?

  • Easy to deconstruct and recycle solutions: lightweight facade systems (F4, Placotherm INTEGRA)

  • ETICS that can be easily peeled of the facade: Weber.Therm Circle

  • Easy-to-dismount Ecophon ceiling boards with 100% recyclable connect profiles

  • ISOVER and SG Glass partnership with waste collectors for offering a recycling service

  • POINT P service RIPEURS for collecting construction waste