Energy & carbon
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Increased use of renewable energies

Solar panels on roof


Once the energy need has been reduced to the minimum, the remaining needed energy should be supplied with renewable and decarbonized sources, locally produced if possible. 

Did you know?


Share of renewable energies in the global electricity generation (2019)


Increase of the share of renewable energy in the grid between 1985 and 2030


What does self-consumption of electricity mean?

  • Consumers cover all or part of their electricity consumption through local production (producer & consumer are the same entity)

  • Can be individual or collective scale

  • The surplus energy is provided to nearby buildings or to the grid

  • In the context of climate change with increased frequency of extreme weather events (causing failures of electricity networks): reducing dependence to these electricity networks is an advantage

  • Needs to take into account the building's context. Example: tertiary buildings are well suited for photovoltaic production (they have high electricity requirements during the day, when the sun is shining)

How to increase renewable energy in buildings? 

  • Install renewable energy generating technologies on buildings (solar panels on roof, wind turbines, ...). Need to take into account the local weather and climate conditions

  • Cover the remaining energy need with renewable energy supply

How do we act?

  • By being a key supplier of components for solar panels (insulation, glass fibers, ....)

  • Our solutions for renewable energy supply:

    • Solar panels shingles

    • Solar panels tiles

    • BIPV panels: photovoltaic panels integrated in the building façade