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What are the benefits of using Gyproc® Aquabead ?

What are the benefits of using Gyproc® Aquabead ?

A no-mess 90-degree corner is a dream when it comes to installing beads. British Gypsum’s Gyproc AquaBead offers a quick and easy way to achieve just that.

To bead or not to bead? To protect plasterboard walls, there’s no doubt that angle beads such as Gyproc Aquabead, Thin Coat Mini Mesh Bead or Thistle® Thin Coat Angle Bead, and the range of corner protection products available, can provide a uniform and professional finish. British Gypsum’s Gyproc AquaBead is a water-activated adhesive corner bead which creates 90° drywall corners that shrug off knocks and look good for longer.


Using this water-activated adhesive corner bead makes creating perfectly formed external corners simple, and what’s more, you don’t have the mess of bedding the bead into jointing materials. Wait 30 minutes and then apply two coats of finishing, cutting installation time and material costs. The bead's high-strength polymer profile absorbs impacts to prevent cracking and damage, meaning happy customers and fewer call-backs.

Quick look: the benefits

  • Water-activated adhesive for easy fitting and less mess.
  • Fewer finishing coats.
  • More resilient for crack and dent-free corners.



How to install Gyproc AquaBead

Cut to length

Using scissors, metal snips or a chop saw, cut the bead to the required length allowing for some thermal movement (for example: a piece for a 2.4m floor to ceiling joint should be cut with 3mm clearance in length.)


Using a spray bottle, pump sprayer or hand, ensure all the bead receives an even amount of water on the adhesive side of the Gyproc AquaBead.

Activation time

After applying water, allow 15-60 seconds for activation. Make sure the entire adhesive surface is wet before application.

Temperature and humidity may affect drying times.

Fix the bead onto the wall corner

Ensure the plasterboard corners are free from loose flaky material to allow a good even contact before placing. Secure the wet, adhesive side of the Gyproc AquaBead on the wall corner, aligning it tightly to the ceiling. Working quickly make sure the beaded edge of the Gyproc AquaBead is squared with the centre of the corner. Make sure it is straight.

Press the Gyproc AquaBead firmly by hand or with a roller, making sure the flanges make full contact with the plasterboard surface. Gyproc AquaBead can be removed, re-wetted and repositioned if the adhesive has not set. Simply let the back of the bead dry completely before re-wetting and re-positioning.

Waiting time

Once installed wait 30 minutes before applying your first coat of Gyproc Joint Filler or Gyproc EasiFill.

Why not check out other beads in our range ?

Gyproc LevelLine Corner Tape

A robust co-polymer core corner tape that provides strength and protection to plasterboard corners.

Gyproc® AquaBead

Quick look: the benefits

  • Built in flexible hinge holds the desired angle, while allowing easy adjustment.
  • Fits to any internal or external corner angle providing a clean, straight angle.








Gyproc Corner Tape

The strong paper tape is bonded to corrosion resistant steel strips which offer protection to plasterboard corners.

 Gyproc® AquaBead

Quick look: the benefits

  • Easy to align on external corners, at any angle.
  • The smooth paper facing also makes the tape more comfortable to handle.











Thin Coat Mini Mesh Bead

A galvanised steel angle bead with mesh wings.


Quick look: the benefits

  • Ideal for reinforcing external corners.
  • Provides an excellent key.







Thistle Thin Coat Angle Bead

A fast and simple way to reinforce external corners.


Quick look: the benefits

  • Galvanised steel prevents corrosion.
  • Easy to fit to plaster or plasterboard backgrounds.
  • Extra wide 30mm perforated wings for easy skim plaster bedding.
  • Protects corners from bumps and bangs.

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