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How to apply Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches

How to apply Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches



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Fixing a hole in the plasterboard has never been easier with self-adhesive Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches.

Here’s our quick guide to applying the product.

Picture the scenario. You have a job list as long as your arm, but you’re seeking efficient solutions for your customers, saving you time but not cutting corners. Damage to walls is common and can occur for many reasons, but the new Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches offer a quick and easy repair solution for damage made to plasterboard or smooth plastered surfaces. 


Typical applications include covering holes where electrical sockets or downlights have been removed, damaged plasterboard created by door handles and general everyday damage to interior walls. This method is not suitable for fire-rated systems. In these cases, the hole would need to be correctly patched with a plasterboard.


The self-adhesive patches, when combined with a rapid setting material like Gyproc EasiFill 20 or Gyproc EasiFill 45, provide a quick-fix solution to what can be a time consuming and difficult way of repairing damaged plasterboard or plastered surfaces. The product is ideal for use on any plasterboard.


Read on to find out how to repair holes in plasterboard with the Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patch.

Five easy steps to applying Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches

Prepare the area
Prepare the area

Remove any loose bits from the edge of the hole or damaged area, and sand this down. Remember to always wear eye protection when sanding.

Apply a self-adhesive patch
Apply a self-adhesive patch

Peel off the backing from the Gyproc EasiPatch plasterboard patch and stick to the wall or area which requires covering. Ensure that the metal plate covers beyond the edge of the hole.

Use a fast-setting filler
Use a fast-setting filler

Gyproc EasiFill 20 or Gyproc EasiFill 45* are ideal for filling small holes, patches and cracks in plastered surfaces. These fast-setting fillers fix damage in plaster surfaces speedily – Gyproc EasiFill 20 is workable for 20 minutes and sets in approximately 30 minutes to get the job finished quickly. Both Gyproc EasiFill 20 and Gyproc EasiFill 45 have minimal shrinkage, so you won’t need more than two coats.

Apply the filler by working it into the holes of the patch and towards the edge. Feather out at least 50mm beyond the edges of the patch to create a smooth, seamless finish. Leave to set for a minimum 30 minutes.

Gyproc EasiFill 45 is also available in handy 1kg sachets in our Gyproc EasiFill 5x1 boxes, perfect for smaller jobs like application of plasterboard patches.

Add second coat of filler
Add second coat of filler

Once the first coat has set if you find any ridges, lumps, bumps or trowel marks, gently scrape these away using the edge of your filling knife, or leave to fully dry before sanding.

When applying the second coat, ensure this goes a minimum of 50mm beyond the first coat.

Sand the area
Sand the area

Once the Gyproc EasiFill is fully dry, you may see darker patches – this is where the product is chemically set before it air dries. Once painted, these will completely disappear. It’s always good to finish by giving the entire area a light sand for a perfectly, smooth finish.


Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendation, apply a primer or sealer before decorating.

Features & Benefits

Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches are coming soon (Available April 2022). The must-have repair solution for damaged plaster and plasterboard is now available in

a handy two-pack.

  • Helps make permanent repairs to plasterboard
  • Strong self-adhesive metal and fibreglass repair patches
  • Pack of two self-adhesive plasterboard patches with aluminium plate and fibreglass mesh
  • A permanent repair solution for holes and general damage to plasterboard and plastered surfaces
  • Ideal for repairing single socket and down-lighter holes
  • Plate size: 100mm x 100mm; full patch size including outer mesh: 150mm x 150mm
  • Easy application.

Watch the video on how to apply Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches.


  • Find Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches at your local decorator centres and builders’ merchants. Find the details here.
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(Gyproc EasiFill 20 has a working time of 20 minutes and the second coat can be applied after 40 minutes. Gyproc EasiFill 45 has a working time of 45 minutes and the second coat can be applied after 80 minutes)