Gyproc Hammer Head Jointing Knives - Soft Grip Handle

High-flex stainless steel blade
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High-flex stainless steel blade

Premium quality tools with higher flex, stainless steel blades. The SoftGrip handles feature metallic end-caps for knocking back protruding nail heads. You can view more information on our product warranties, performance and compliance here.

Key facts

• High-flex stainless steel blade
• SoftGrip handle featuring metallic end cap for knocking back protruding nails

Technical information

Articles information
Name UC EAN code Width
NameArtex Texture Repair UC EAN code5200576380
NameGyproc Tempered Steel Jointing Knife - Softgrip Handle ExtraFlex Blued Steel 350mm UC EAN code5200109367
NameGyproc Hammer Head Jointing Knife - Soft Grip Handle - 125mm UC EAN code5200109388 Width125