Artex Textured Finish

Interior surface coating for preparing and texturing.
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Interior surface coating for preparing and texturing.

Artex Textured Finish is the original powder decorative textured finish for both ceilings and walls.  It is a multifunctional product for jointing, repairing and finishing. The all-temperature mix is easy to prepare using warm or cold water. It dries white and doesn't require any decoration. Create a wide range of decorative patterns. Use it for both preparation and texturing.

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Key facts

  • Universal texture for use on walls and ceiling
  • Conforms to EN15824

Technical information

Articles information
Name SKU Size
NameArtex Texture Repair SKU5200576380 Size
NameArtex Textured Finish 25kg SKU5200572306 Size25kg


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Artex Textured Finish Powder Product Data Sheet - EN
Artex Textured Finish - EN