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Gyproc WallBoard Duplex

Protect buildings from condensation.
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Protect buildings from condensation.
2400 mm
1200 mm

This 12.5mm board has a layer of foil on the back to prevent condensation from forming in external walls and roof spaces. Condensation forms at points where warm meets cold. Not only does this create damp and mould in living spaces, but it can also cause structural problems, weakening timber framed buildings and corroding other materials.

Gyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm stops condensation in its tracks for better structural stability and a healthier living environment.

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Key facts

  • Backed with a vapour control membrane
  • Creates a permanent barrier to stop condensation forming between cold and warm air
  • Complies with EN 14190

Technical information

Articles information
Name UC EAN code CPU length Width Thickness Edge
NameGyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm UC EAN code5200001690 CPU length2400 Width1200 Thickness12.5 EdgeSquare