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Gyproc Cove 127

Create a long-lasting premium effect
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Create a long-lasting premium effect
3600 mm

This classic 'C' profile plaster cove is ideal for upgrading the design of larger rooms and rooms with higher ceilings. The deeper 127mm cove not only adds a touch of class, but it's also great for masking settlement cracks and hiding cables.

It comes in handy, with room-sized lengths for fewer joints and a faster finish, and has a strong protective ivory liner to make decoration easy.

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Key facts

  • Paper-faced plaster cove
  • 127mm profile
  • Conforms to EN 14209

Technical information

Articles information
Name UC EAN code CPU length Dimensions
NameGyproc Cove 127 UC EAN code5200008037 CPU length3000 Dimensions3000 × 83 × 83
NameGyproc Cove 127 UC EAN code5200008677 CPU length3600 Dimensions3600 × 83 × 83