Conditions Of Sale


Prices are based on mainland deliveries within England, Wales and Scotland. All prices quoted are current prices at the time of delivery and are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change in the event of a general or specific revision. Our Trade Catalogue is not deemed an offer. The customer may place an order, the acceptance of which creates a contract binding with Okarno.


Delivery Discrepancy Notification

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our products due to damage on delivery, incorrect quantity or the wrong product being supplied, please raise your delivery discrepancy claim with our Customer Care Team within 48 hours of delivery using the contact details below. At the time of delivery, inform your delivery driver, clearly marking the fault on your delivery paperwork/EOPD. Where possible, take a photograph of the fault as well. These will be used to support your claim.

Product defects and price discrepancy

Where a product has quality defects, is not fit for purpose, or if there are documentation queries (e.g. incorrect price), please contact our Customer Care Team within 48 hours of your delivery, with photographic evidence.Contact our Customer Care Team: 0800 032 6345 or

Customer Returns Procedure

Goods may be returned, subject to agreement with Okarno, only if:

  • Goods have been damaged prior to or on delivery
  • There is a quality issue with the products that needs investigating
  • Artex has supplied the incorrect products. Please note that the only exception to this is where a customer has ordered a product in error
  • Any requests for returns outside of the above please call our Customer Care team who will advise of costs to do so.

If you request a collection with the Okarno Customer Care team, the collection will take place within two weeks of the request.