New Gyproc Range

Filling and Repair

The Gyproc Easifill range consists of two different types of filler. The powder range offers EasifIll 60, 45, 20 & 5x1kg. Our Ready Mix range provides versatile, lightweight, and high-quality surface fillers. In addition, we also provide plasterboard patches that can be used to cover up any holes or damages.

There’s no time wasted with Gyproc’s powder EasiFill range. From quick patch-up jobs to full-room projects, Gyproc EasiFill can help you achieve a smooth finish in a range of timeframes. The Gyproc EasiFill range features Gyproc EasiFill 60, Gyproc EasiFill 45 and Gyproc EasiFill 20. The full range adheres to paint effectively, with a choice of working times, which allows for larger areas and multiple rooms to be worked on.

Taping and Jointing

The Gyproc range of taping & jointing products consists of a range of premium products to support both bulk filling of joints using Gyproc Joint Filler or Gyproc Joint Cement, through to the final finish using Gyproc ProMix Lite. To support this range we offer a range of joint tapes & paper tapes.

Gyproc Joint Tapes

Fibreglass mesh tape is a speedy and user-friendly product for tradespeople and Gyproc® has a range of solutions to cover just about any job. Gyproc’s range of self-adhesive fibreglass tapes is ideal for use in plastering, taping and jointing jobs – easy solutions that are ready to stick into place, without the need for an extra filler or compound underneath.

Gyproc Jointing Products

Jointing and filling cover a multitude of tasks and scenarios, including snagging and filling holes, repairing damage and covering small cracks. The different jobs you face on site determine the products you’ll want to use, and how you’ll need them to perform.

Plasterboard and Accessories

We offer a wide range of plasterboards from the Gyproc range. From standard wallboards through to the performance range offered by British Gypsum. 

No two jobs are the same and when it comes to plastering and ensuring repairs are quick, we have a range of products available to help you with multiple jobs.