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Dalapro Roll Nova is a grey ready mixed roller applied wall covering that is time saving and easy to work with. Perfect for smoothing over walls and providing a professional, high-quality finish every time, Dalapro Roll Nova is ideal for quickly making the wall smooth and is easy to sand before your decorating or repair project.

Benefits of using Dalapro Roll Nova

Five reasons why Dalapro Roll Nova Roller applied wall covering is an ideal solution for your home renovation projects.

How to apply Dalapro Roll Nova

Dalapro Roll Nova is a great option for smoothing walls quickly and easily before decorating or repairing. It works well on various indoor surfaces, including concrete, plaster, fabric, and wallpaper, providing a professional and high-quality finish. With a roller applied wall covering, you quite simply work smarter on all home renovation projects. 

1. Can it be used to smooth over Artex? Yes, Dalapro Roll Nova can be used to smooth over Artex. Depending on the textured design, a couple of coats may be required to cover the depth of the Artex peaks.

2. What is the drying time? An average of 8 hours. The drying time depends on external circumstances, such as temperature, humidity, and layer thickness.

3. How can you affect the drying time of the filler? Good ventilation and a dehumidifier. That is really the only way to improve the drying time. Avoid high temperatures, as this initially increases humidity and extends the drying time.

4. How long does it last when opened? The product has a maximum shelf life of 12 months which is indicated by the date marked on the packaging. Once opened, the tub must be resealed well and stored in a dark place free from frost and can be reused up until the date marked on the packaging.

5. What roller should I use? We’d recommend using a 9” wired roller for the best application, however, the product can be applied with any regular 7” - 9” medium pile roller.

6. What are the benefits of using a roller to smooth over a wall? Roller plastering is 30-40% more time efficient than traditional plastering and is a more ergonomic method. Rolling also helps lay an even amount of compound making it easier to get a flat finish.

7. How should you store the Dalapro Roll Nova?  There is a limited shelf life indicated by the date mark on the packaging. Unopened tubs can be kept in a dark place, free from frost, for up to 12 months. Containers that have been opened must be sealed well and then can be reused up until the date marked on the packaging.

8. How much do I need to apply? One 12L tub covers a 12m2 area when applied at 1mm. Use this web tool to specify the requirements that apply to your project, and as a result, you will know how much product it takes to complete the job. 

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