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Launching Okarno with an Ex England footballer

Rebranding a company is never easy, but it's made easier when the whole company pulls in the same direction. Thats why it was vital to ensure that our staff were not on ly part of the whole process, but were celebrated in our very own internal launch event. This day was them!

The name Okarno, was simply chosen because there 'are no others like us' (Okarno) - a statement that related across the business in a couple of ways. 

1. We have a unique business model. We supply products from the leading construction brands to merchants via our flexible delivery service options. This means that our customers get the best products when and how they require them. Not just that, we ensure they have the right tools to sell to the end user - supporting them every step of the way.

2. But it's not just our business model that's unique. Our people are what makes the brand. This is why it was key to not only get them involved in the whole process, but this launch event was for them. We can not achieve our goals without our amazing team!

The launch event itself was a lively affair, featuring games, donuts, giveaways, a pie stand, and more. What better way to cap off the celebration than by inviting an ex-England international to share insights into his career, the managers he's worked with, and the significance of teamwork, whether in business or on the pitch.


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