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The Customer Survey 2022

customer satisfaction

The Artex Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

The past couple of years and the events within them have seen customer service take a back seat at many companies. With images of our airports full of enraged passengers, long lines at petrol stations. Most are focused on cost optimisation or operational excellence in order to survive or thrive through some of the hardest commercial times in our lifetime. All customers are currently experiencing the same frustrations in one way or another. Lack of resource, increased costs, long delivery times. There have been numerous disruptions that have caused operational problems and negatively impacted customer satisfaction, but customer care and operational excellence do not have to live in separate silos.


At Artex we measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and focus on using that data to improve our customer experiences. We recently conducted our Customer Satisfaction survey and with over 60% of customers responding to the survey we achieved an amazing score of 63.

The NPS is a globally recognised and universally used, standardised methodology for benchmarking and trend analysing customer and employee engagement within a brand or organisation.


“Our NPS score is made up of a lot of things, what happens in the warehouse, on the road, in the office and through every interaction with have with our customers.  Day-to-day it’s difficult to pinpoint any particular success, issue or incident or say that any one reason for the score Artex achieved. It’s an accumulation of many things and it’s the Artex team that really put the work in to make it all happen.”

 “Our organisation and brand health are always evolving and optimising. Conducting the satisfaction survey enables us to measure our impact for both recognition of success but also identifying improvement areas. Its positive that our customers are generally having a net positive experience and would advocate for others to become Artex customers. It’s a great opportunity to hear that our customers are happy” Jason Smith, Artex Managing Director.