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Better for the planet

Did you know?


Share of the construction sector in worldwide green-house gases emissions


Share of the construction sector in worldwide raw material consumption

  • Construction sector is a key contributor to energy consumption and green-house gases emissions worldwide. 
  • Also a key contributor to resources extraction and waste generation. 
  • Footprint of buildings should be reduced during the whole lifecycle (construction, operation, deconstruction). 
  • At Saint-Gobain: as a building materials manufacturer, we are deeply engaged in this transition, to ensure we work with our customers to build better for the planet


Energy & carbon

  • Buildings have a role to play in decarbonation strategies
  • 3 main drivers: 
    • Increase energy efficiency: buildings should be energy efficient through their highly performing envelope
    • Reduce embodied carbon emissions: embodied carbon is carbon embedded in the materials used in the building. Chose low-carbon materials, especially for the building structure. 
    • Increase use of renewable energy: supply the remaining energy need with renewable and decarbonized sources, locally produced if possible. 

Resources & circularity

  • Integrate buildings in a circular economy
  • Construction sector facing shortage of raw materials (ex: sand)
  • 4 main drivers: 
    • Reduce use of non-renewable resources: for new construction (less resource-intensive materials, new technologies and new approaches to design) and renovation (using the existing building stock better). Chose products with high recycled content, durable and reparable
    • Reduce freshwater consumtion: both embodied water (products manufactures with low volumes of water, dry construction techniques on worksites) and operational water (grey water recycling, efficient equipment)
    • Increase lifetime and use rate: design flexible and resilient buildings, that can adapt to changes
    • Reduce amount of non-valorized construction & demolition waste: improve sorting and recycling of waste on construction sites, include reuse or upcycling of components in buildings projects

How we contribute

SG solutions are available to take action on those drivers

  • Our solutions contributing to increased energy efficiency: providing glazing to let the sun in or block it out, insulation to reduce heat loss and summer heat gain, insulation for water pipes and ventilation ducts, smart membranes to improve air tightness and moisture management, render to insulate and provide weather defense

  • Our actions to reduce embodied carbon in our products: local sourcing, renewable energy to power industrial processes, increasing the recycled content, developing solutions using alternative materials, ..

  • Our offer to reduce resource use: bespoke or cut-to-length services, recycling services, products with recycled content, offsite manufacturing

  • To increase building flexibility: modular or offsite solutions, lightweight construction